Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funny Story

So I'm going over the equipment for my All-Star Backup Squad and I was reminded of a game from a little over a year ago. The gang was tracking some missing children through the wilderness and had setup camp for the night. Sometime during the night a desperate little girl approaches the fire, seeking shelter. Without a moment's hesitation, Tom declares that he's slapping manacles on the kid. Now Tom's character, an evil gnome cleric of Lamashtu (mother of monsters), was sleeping when the kid showed up, so I just had this image in my head of Tom's cleric, fast asleep, suddenly bolting out of his sleeping bag and slapping irons on this poor kid, and it still cracks me up. Now the little girl ended up being a werewolf, but that's another story...

Back Again, sort of

After a year or so of exile I have returned, just in time to go away again as I prepare to move out of this dump and into a slightly less dumpy dump. Last night I was awoken by water streaming onto my bed from the leaky roof. It was such a steady stream that I thought at first that my dog was peeing on the bed. Boy was I relieved to find out it was only rain water pouring directly into my home! The irony being that after months of hounding my landlord to fix the roof, just as I've decided to move out he has called to inform me that a new roof is on the way. Oh what fun!

I was all jazzed up this week at the prospect of getting in on a D&D game this Sunday, however I had to back out at the last minute due to conflicting plans. I'm still rolling up my half dozen characters in the hopes that the next invite won't be wasted on me. If I can find the time between packing and cleaning I'll do some posts about the All Star Backup Team I've rolled up, which includes a half-orc country boy monk, an incredibly stupid tengu (crowman) fighter (Intelligence of 5 baby!), and a savage midget meat grinder.

On the subject of the move, it's exciting and also a pain in my fatty posterior all at once. It'll mean a drastic reduction in space which doesn't jive well with my packrat ways. However it also means a much more realistic monthly budget that actually includes the ability to purchase food on a regular basis. Yeah, it's been a rough year. So of course this brings me to the standard "desert island, which RPG books do you take?" question. I'm so torn between the countless D&D versions, both official and clone varieties, in addition to a smattering of games-I'll-never-play-but-contain-wisdom sort of books, in addition to I've-always-wondered-about-real-pirates sort of books. I'm like an over-eater in a Baskin Robins, I just can't decide, it all looks so good!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I.... See....

I guess robotic hamsters weren't fun anymore. I wonder how many kids are gonna strap knives to their pets after this.