Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funny Story

So I'm going over the equipment for my All-Star Backup Squad and I was reminded of a game from a little over a year ago. The gang was tracking some missing children through the wilderness and had setup camp for the night. Sometime during the night a desperate little girl approaches the fire, seeking shelter. Without a moment's hesitation, Tom declares that he's slapping manacles on the kid. Now Tom's character, an evil gnome cleric of Lamashtu (mother of monsters), was sleeping when the kid showed up, so I just had this image in my head of Tom's cleric, fast asleep, suddenly bolting out of his sleeping bag and slapping irons on this poor kid, and it still cracks me up. Now the little girl ended up being a werewolf, but that's another story...


  1. I totally left a comment here before, but it didn't stick. Here it goes again... A child crying in the woods is a monster. Every time.

  2. Wow where's the compassion? Just because little kids are often secretly monsters doesn't always mean that they have to be evil monsters. She could have just been a misunderstood werewolf.

  3. That's why she got shackled instead of beheaded.