Tuesday, September 28, 2010


D&D was canceled once more due to low turnout, so we played some boardgames instead.

First up was Monsters Menace America, a game I really wanted to love but couldn't. It's great fun smashing up the States and sending your military branch after other players, but then you get to the end game showdown and you realize that all that carnage was effectively meaningless. There is such a huge disconnect between playing the game and winning the game that it has thus far always left me frustrated and confused.

Next was Formula De, always a good time. The game itself is pretty straightforward and although it can be disappointing to realize very early on that unless the player in the lead makes a huge mistake you will never catch up, it's still pretty fun trying. Myself, I believe that sometimes winning means taking risks, like gunning the turn in 6th gear; however taking risks usually means hitting the wall at 200mph and dieing in horrible fiery agony. Ah well, maybe next time.

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