Monday, September 13, 2010

Kingmaker: Friggin' Spriggins!

Durak the Iron Chef of Gorum
This week in Tom's Kingmaker game I got to roll out my butler/axeman Julian Carlton's new cohort, Durak Gnarglebash the half-orc chef/cleric of Gorum the Lord in Iron (the Iron Chef if you will). Since this week's group was myself, Lori, and Janell, we had three clerics of three different gods, a fighter, and a rogue/druid. This lead to a massive surging slaughterfest of our foes. It was a back and forth with Julian getting knocked up and down the HP rollercoaster.

This week we began exploring an entirely new hex map on a mission to discover the fate of one of our sister colonies, Voldharn. So far the only clue we have to sudden disappearance of the entire population of the settlement is a cat, who is obviously short of details. Some damnable spriggins had camped out in the deserted town so we had a bit of cleaning to do. Big, sprawling battles in the streets, climbing rooftops to chase off rock-throwing goons, and a final bloody battle that almost led to Julian's death several times in a row. It was tons of fun.

I leave you now with a certain viewpoint that has served me well in this campaign: be aggressive!

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