Monday, September 20, 2010

No D&D This Week

No new D&D this week, however I had two things I wanted to talk briefly about.

One, how is it that I keep hearing all these terrible reviews of Crank 2: High Voltage? It's insane, yes. Senseless at times, yes. I guess when someone tells me a movie is senseless well I just get a different image in my head than what I saw tonight. It was bizarre and incredible and I loved the whole damn thing.

Two, here's a comment someone left on Grognardia that pretty well sums up why I hate talking to people on the internet:
a) i thought this blog was for whining about "old school" game mechanics

b) id love to see the actual depth of the worlds people have here when they say these two offered worlds are "nailed down" and "defined". post up your crap anytime so we can check it out (and laugh)
Get off my lawn asshat.

1 comment:

  1. I love what "Dnd with Pornstars" Zak said in reply.

    "Whoa, save or be charmed by this guy!

    Tell us more, anonymous internet voice!"